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Southwest Internal Medicine is your trusted partner for comprehensive healthcare. Our experienced team specialize in preventive medicine, hypertension, diabetes, and chronic disease management. Your well-being is our priority.

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At Southwest Internal Medicine, our goal is to provide the highest quality medical care in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.

Led by Dr. Brown, a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, our team is dedicated to diagnosing and treating most of your medical problems.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare and wellness, striving to create a “health partnership” between physician and patient.

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Areas of Expertise

Preventive Medicine:

Proactive healthcare is essential. We focus on preventive measures to keep you healthy and detect issues early.


Managing high blood pressure is crucial for heart health. We excel in hypertension management to help you maintain optimal blood pressure levels.


Living well with diabetes is possible with the right care and support. Our expertise in diabetes management ensures you receive the best guidance.

Chronic Disease Management:

We understand the challenges of chronic conditions. Our team is here to provide comprehensive care for various chronic diseases, ensuring a better quality of life.

Our Services

  • Adult Primary Care: Our internists are here to address all your primary care needs, ensuring you receive the personalized attention you deserve.

  • Annual Wellness Exams: Stay on top of your health with regular check-ups and wellness assessments to catch potential issues early.

  • Same-Day Appointments: Your health can’t wait. We offer same-day appointments to address your immediate healthcare concerns.

“Health is a journey we embark on together. At Southwest Internal Medicine, we’re not just your healthcare providers; we’re your partners in wellness. Together, we’ll navigate the path to a healthier, happier you.”


Dr. Tamara Brown

Patient-Centered Care​

At Southwest Internal Medicine, we value the "health partnership" between physician and patient. You're more than just a medical record number; you're an essential part of your healthcare journey.

Why People Trust Us

At Southwest Internal Medicine, trust is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that your health is a matter of the utmost importance, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to earning your trust.

With a team led by Dr. Brown, a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine, we’ve built a practice centered on expertise, compassion, and a patient-first approach. But it’s not just about what we say – it’s about the reasons why our patients trust us. Discover the pillars of trust that define our practice and make us the healthcare partner of choice for the Atlanta community.

Patient-Centered Approach

We believe in building a “health partnership” with our patients, where your concerns and needs are at the forefront of our care plan.

Comprehensive Care

Whether you need routine check-ups or ongoing management of chronic conditions, we offer a wide range of services to address all your healthcare needs.

Trusted by the Community

We have been a trusted healthcare provider in the Atlanta community, serving patients with care, compassion, and professionalism.

Specialized Care

We specialize in preventive medicine, hypertension, diabetes, and chronic disease management, ensuring that you receive focused and expert care in these critical areas.

Proactive Wellness

We emphasize preventive measures to keep you healthy and detect potential issues early, helping you maintain a high quality of life.

Positive Patient Experiences

Many of our patients have shared their positive experiences and testimonials, highlighting the quality of care they’ve received.

What People Say About Us

At Southwest Internal Medicine, we take immense pride in the relationships we build with our patients. Their stories and experiences are a testament to the quality of care we provide. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

The staff as a whole is great! They’re patient, professional and kind. My only grip is they’re not really good with callbacks with results.

“This is a very nice office, the staff is wonderful. I had a pain free Blood Draw, easy EKG and I got an appt set up quickly.”
“Very nice people, did not have an appointment and was sick, they squeezed me in and got me back on track, always tries to help with prescription issues as well so u get the best care.”
“Very engaging staff ... the intake medical assistants are direct with a passion for thir job.”

Southwest Internal Medicine's Expert Team

Our team is not just a group of medical providers; we’re a family united by a shared commitment to your health and well-being, and a trusted source of care in the Atlanta community. 

Meet Tamara Brown, MD

Tamara Brown, MD received her medical degree from Howard University in Washington, DC, in 1994. She completed her Internal Medicine residency at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. 

Dr. Brown is professionally affiliated with Emory Midtown Hospital and Piedmont Hospital, the American College of Physicians, and the Atlanta Medical Association. Dr. Brown’s honors include NCQA Diabetes Physician Recognition; Charles Herbert Marshall Award, 1994; Department of Surgery Prize of Achievement, 1994, and Outstanding Performance in Medicine, 1994. 

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Preventive Medicine

Definition – A healthcare approach that focuses on keeping patients healthy by identifying and addressing risk factors and early signs of diseases before they become serious.

Importance to Patient’s Health – It helps avoid illness, reduces healthcare costs, and improves overall well-being by emphasizing healthy habits and regular check-ups.

Why It Matters – Preventive medicine empowers patients to take control of their health, promoting longevity and a higher quality of life.


Definition – Also known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a medical condition where the force of blood against the walls of the arteries is consistently too high.

Importance to Patient’s Health – High blood pressure can lead to serious health issues like heart disease, stroke, and kidney problems if not managed. Regular monitoring and treatment are vital.

Why It Matters – Managing hypertension helps prevent life-threatening complications, ensuring better cardiovascular health and a longer, healthier life.


Definition – A chronic condition where the body struggles to regulate blood sugar levels properly, resulting in high blood sugar (Type 1) or insulin resistance (Type 2).

Importance to Patient’s Health – Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to heart disease, nerve damage, and other complications. Proper management is crucial.

Why It Matters – Managing diabetes through medication, diet, and exercise helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, preventing serious health problems and improving overall quality of life.

Chronic Disease Management:

Definition – The ongoing care and strategies to control and improve the health of individuals with long-term medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension.

Importance to Patients’ Health – It ensures better symptom control and quality of life and reduces healthcare costs by preventing complications and hospitalizations.

Why It Matters – Effective chronic disease management empowers patients to lead healthier lives, minimizing the impact of their conditions and promoting overall well-being.